101 Things to do Instead of Playing Video Games (Under age 18)

Think about the time the gamer spent gaming. Once the games have been removed from a person’s life, there will be a huge empty space there.  Here is a list of things the recovering gamer can do, in his/her real life, to fill that hole.  The goal is to add “healthy” things back, so the recovering gamer will be come a feeling, empathetic, spirit-filled person again, rather then a shell of human being.

1.    Make a list of things I can do instead of gaming and print it out, so I will have that reference near, should I crave the games.

2.    Keep a daily diary/blog/journal

3.    Get to know who I am, and journal that.

4.    Write my life's story

5.    Get a hug

6.    Get a pet

7.    Go biking or jogging or fishing

8.    Go on a walk

9.    Go to the park

10.  Go on a hike

11.  Play outside

12.  Lay in the sun

13.  Go swimming

14.  Go to the beach

15.  Go to church

16.  Pray

17.  Before going to sleep, thank God for a beautiful day

18.  When waking up, ask God for a blessed day

19.  Make “real” friends

20.  Renew friendships

21.  Call someone I have not talked to in a long time

22.  Get to know the neighbor kids

23.  Invite friends over

24.  Have a sleep-over

25.  Visit relatives – grand parents, cousins

26.  Watch TV

27.  Go to the movies

28.  Paint something

29.  Do things he/she has been putting off

30.  Take music lessons

31.  Write a song

32.  Write stories

33.  Block on-line games

34.  Clean my room

35.  Clean my closet

36.  Clean my drawers

37.  Start a memory box

38.  Make a scrapbook of those memories

39.  Go shopping

40.  Go on a trip

41.  Sleep

42.  Read

43.  Go to the library

44.  Congratulate myself on another day of being game-free

45.  Make a bucket list, and get started on it

46.  Learn a new language

47.  Take a hot bath

48.  Eat meals with my family

49.  Write a letter

50.  Smile at people and say “Hi”

51.  Do something nice for someone

52.  Do something nice for myself

53.  Treat myself

54.  Visit a museum

55.  Go to the zoo

56.  Listen to music

57.  Dance to the music

58.  Play chess

59.  Buy and play board games

60.  Play cards

61.  Watch my favorite sport

62.  Go to a ball game or my favorite sporting event

63.  Do my home work

64.  Do extra-credit work

65.  Go to the play ground

66.  Take pictures, as a hobby

67.  Get pictures on my phone printed out and put them in a book.

68.  Feed the birds at the park

69.  Rake leaves

70.  Wash the car

71.  Work jigsaw puzzles

72.  Do crossword puzzles

73.  Get a job

74.  Go ice skating or skiing

75.  Go snowmobiling

76.  Make a snowman

77.  Make a sculpture (with play dough or clay)

78.  Read a comic book

79.  Say something nice to someone at least once a day

80.  Say something nice to myself, at least once a day

81.  Tell my parents and family that I love them

82.  Learn to love myself again.

83.  Tell myself, I love me and will take good care of me, because one else knows me and can take care of me like I can.

84.  Surround & paying attention to the people that STILL love me.

85.  Go at night to the astronomy club and watch the stars and planets

86.  Make a family tree

87.  Go to a concert

88.  Write a poem

89.  Read poetry

90.  Push negative thoughts away and embrace positive ones.

91.  Learn to meditate

92.  Meditate

93.  Go to an amusement park

94.  Go to a water park

95.  Visit sea world

96.  Make a web page

97.  Become actor or join a theatre group

98.  Go out kayaking or hire a boat or water bike (or rafting)

99.  Go on a boat cruise

100. Sew my own clothes

101. Go Sight-seeing

102. Go on a train ride

103. Join the choir at church

104. Go fishing

105. Do scientific experiments

106. Plant a garden

107. Grow herbs

108. Cook or bake

109. Make something to eat

110. Learn to cook

111. Learn/do magic tricks

112. Make a life plan

113. Go to a therapist for more guidance

114. Learn who I am.

115. Be honest about everything! It's liberating!

116. Confront my problems - it is the best way to recover from them.

117. Learn to breath properly.

118. Breath.

119. Be kind

120. Learn to code.

121. Think up some coding projects and do them

122. Learn a sport

123. Listen to the radio

124. Find more friends, by going out.

125. Go out more

126. Learn photoshop

127. Go snowboarding

128. Volunteer

129. Plant trees

130. Go bowling.

131. Join a bowling league

132. Go to a local farmer’s market

133. Go to a garage sale and find some trinkets

134. Have a garage/yard sale and sell some of my stuff, to make money

135. Think about what my purpose in real life could be, and think about how I can achieve my purpose. 

136. Walk the dog.

137. Learn to drive

138. Get my driver’s license

139. Do exercise

140. Go to the gym

141. Work out

142. Lift weights

143. Play with my pets

144. Send out birthday cards

145. Make a snack or sandwich to eat and eat it

146. Get rid of old/unwanted stuff.  Give it to charity

147. Go bird watching.

148. Learn to identify the types of bird that sing outside my window every morning just from their song. Research online and memorize them.

149. Change my hairstyle

150. Get a hair cut

151. Get a hobby

152. Start a collection

153. Watch the movie "What About Bob"

154. Take baby steps