For all of these, this organization and website is dedicated:

  • To the first addicted gamer that I knew, my son, Shawn, may he rest in peace.

And for the loss of these physical lives, may they REST IN PEACE:

  • Dr. Laura A. Canis, Founder of Everquest Widows

Deaths from exhaustion and own neglect

  • Lee, 28 yrs., South Korea, 2005
  • "Snowly", 2005
  • 26-year-old man in Jinzhou, northeastern China

Deaths from parental neglect:

  • Tony Bragg Jr., 9 months old, 7/12/02
  • Brianna Cordell, 3 years old, 8/8/03
  • 4 month old daughter of Yu, 2005
  • Drew and Bryn Kleinmark, 10 months old, 2005
  • Alayiah Turman, 17 months old, 2006
  • Benjamin Sargent, 5 months old, Ill. 2008
  • Harmony Jade Creech, 11 months old, 2007


  • Shawn Woolley, 21 yrs
  • James Atwood, 19 yrs
  • Richard Rimmer, 23 yrs
  • Brian Byrd, 2004, 37 yrs
  • Patrick Semmes, 22 yrs
  • Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Steukerjuergen, 21 yrs
  • Xiao Yi, 13, China, 2005


  • Susan Petric, Ohio, October 2007
  • Police Officer Arnold Strickland
  • Police Officer James Crump
  • Dispatcher Leslie Ace" Mealer
  • Stefan Pakeerah, 14 yrs. England
  • Zhu Caoyuan, 26 yrs., China, 2005
  • Mai Thi Mau, 81 - Police say Dinh The Dan strangled Mai Thi Mau, 81, with a piece of rope and took 100,000 dong (6.2 dollars) from her before burying her in a pile of sand in front of his house on November 10, 2007. Dan confessed that he needed money to play online games and decided to kill and rob the woman," Duong said.

Mysterious Circumstances:

  • Shiva Kumar, 18 yrs, 2006


  • Brandon Crisp, 15 yrs, 2008
  • For all people who have died, that we don't know about, where the cause was gaming-related
  • For all who have died, that we do know about but are too many to list.  See:  Gaming Related Deaths
  • For failed marriages, broken families, neglected children, loss of friends, job loss, failing grades, lost college degrees, lost months and years of time, the real lives of our sons, daughters, spouses, friends, and last, but not least, for the loss of OUR OWN REAL lives into the games - emotional/spiritual/mental/emotional/sensual.