&: How to Start an OLGA/OLG-Anon Chapter in Your Area

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&: How to Start an OLGA/OLG-Anon Chapter in Your Area

How does OLGA/OLG-Anon grow?

Some of us sell OLGA/OLG-Anon as we go about. This is how it happens: Little clusters of twos and threes and fives spring up in different communities, through contact with the OLGA/OLG-Anon in Harrisburg, PA. Those of us who travel drop in at other groups as often as we can. This practice enables us to lend a hand to new groups, which are springing up all over the land. New groups need to be started each month. OLGA/OLG-Anon can even spread outside the United States. Thus we grow, so we and people who are obsessive gamers have a place to meet. Am I doing all I can to spread OLGA/OLG-Anon wherever I go?

To start a chapter in your area, please read this document: Starting a Local Chapter

Once you decide to start a group, here is a link to OLGA-approved literature for your meetings.

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To find and contact any of

To find and contact any of our members who have stated in their profiles that they live near the meeting location, click on Member Lookup By Location, then click on just the states or provinces that you wish to check on, and then click on the Submit button. Please do not be discouraged if you find few members since many members do not fill in the information that is being searched on in their profiles.

- John O.

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