Dallas TV News and WoW

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Dallas TV News and WoW

There was a short clip about WoW on our evening news. The story was about the fact that WoW (and other games like it) have addictive tendencies and at the same time, can cost you a small fortune in real-life money.

The college students they interviewed all believed that the game was designed to "suck you in" and they all recounted stories of friends who played 24/7. The only 'expert' they had was from a game manufacturing company. She looked to be all of about 23 or so and of course, used the parental supervision excuse. Seeing a person her age talk about managing teen behavior didn't even make me angry this time; it was too ludicrous.

The end note was a huge warning. Both my husband and I thought it was very well done and we were thrilled to hear WoW mentioned by name.