Sen. Clinton Introduces Legislation to curb sale...

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Sen. Clinton Introduces Legislation to curb sale...

I found this, this morning of all places on the Parents Television Council website...a site for a group of folks who know better than you or I what is "acceptable" for television. They are an example of a "faith-based" (being kind here) activist group who rally the troops whenever certain 'combinations of letters' are spoken on TV or when they don't like a program's content. After all, saying S*h*i*t is much worse than the constant images of bloodshed and war in the mideast and the continual killing of civilians elsewhere which is shown at every news opportunity on TV.

While I don't like fundamentalists telling me what I should or shouldn't watch or purchase, I do think that attempting to keep minors from getting access to some of the insanely violent games and such out there is a step in the right direction as long as these steps aren't taken further for the purpose of banning or censoring them altogether. Many would argue it's a logical next step.

The irony here is that they have this story on their front page when most "faith-based" people I know personally criticize Hillary Clinton at every opportunity. Hypocrites. I'm sure the Parents Television Council ( will be endorsing Hillary for President if she makes her bid for 2008.


Sen. Clinton to Introduce Legislation Intended to Curb the Sale of Violent Video Games to minors

"We applaud Senator Clinton on her announcement today that she intends to introduce legislation that would institute a fine of $5,000 to retailers for those who sell violent and sexually explicit video games to minors.

"The medical evidence continues to mount, documenting the harm such extremely graphic material can have on children. And the industry's attempt at self-regulation has been proven to be ineffective. The PTC recently undertook a aEU~mystery shopper' campaign to test retailers' voluntary age restrictions on video game purchases, and found that roughly half the time young children were able to purchase mature-rated games with no proof of age. The PTC's findings corroborate those of the Federal Trade Commission, which in 2000 found that an overwhelming number of underage shoppers were able to buy mature rated games.

"Senator Clinton's initiative resembles state legislation supported by PTC earlier this year in California, which would have restricted the sale of extremely violent games to minors in the Golden State. Nothing in that measure would have restricted adults from purchasing these ultra-violent games, nor would it have prohibited parents from buying these games for their children. Unfortunately the California legislation received a relentless attack from special interest groups with a vested economic interest in seeing that measure fail, which it did."

"The PTC applauds Senator Clinton's efforts, as well as those of Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA) who has also taken a firm stance on this issue. Given the pervasive use of the medium and the demonstrated ill effects on young children, the PTC fully supports measures aimed at curbing the unfettered availability of graphic video games to minors."

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