Tongue in cheek article in Salon

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Tongue in cheek article in Salon

I'd reproduce it but we need explicit written permission from Salon, and I'm not violating their copyright


Leveling in Real Life

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Yes, tongue in cheeck, but

Yes, tongue in cheeck, but the final "message" at the end by the author was that she was happy she could finally escape with and share her husbands video game addiction... Or am I missing something ??? As a gamer I remember trying to get my wife interested in gaming. So I could get her onboard so if she was playing with me everything would be better. We would be doing something together... She would not be "nagging" me to do things if she were playing... I don't like the turn the story took at the end :(

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I also found this story

I also found this story profoundly depressing. I guess by my age (twenty years older than the author), I'm SO washed up and SO boring and SO incapable of change or ever being interesting, I better just pack it in. Man oh man, I know the author was writing tongue in cheek, but it was just awfully dreary and sad to read about someone whose horizons were already so limited and who felt there was so very little to look forward to, then or ever. Almost makes you wonder why she feels she should continue to take up space. Jane

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