UK Government Ads Link Games With "Early Death"

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UK Government Ads Link Games With "Early Death"

The article, at">]http://games.s..., says:

Quote:The UK government, backed by a bunch of charities that raise funds for research into cancer, heart disease and diabetes, has launched an advertising campaign that links the 'inactive' or passive gaming lifestyle with death and illness. It's part of a bigger 'Change4Life' campaign that has also linked playing games with making children obese. The new ads show a young child playing a PlayStation game, with the caption 'Risk an early DEATH, just do nothing.'

Although this is not directly linked to video game addiction, playing games excessively to the extent of not getting enough physical exercise, plus using things like fast foods and sugar-laden energy drinks, will of course lead to an increase in people's weight, even of young children. There are many studies that show being overweight, especially being obese, causes various health problems and decreases the expected life span. As such, I applaud the U.K. government's efforts at addressing this issue, and hope that other governments will follow their lead.

- John O.

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