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Video Game Controversy - Wikipedia article


Interesting article in Wikipedia about Video Game Controversy.

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It is an interesting and

It is an interesting and enlightening article. I also find it interesting that the last part of the article's URL is "Violent_video_games" but the title, and subject matter, is the more general "Video game controversy". I suspect that it is because the article started off with what seems to be the biggest controversy, i.e., the effects of violence, and then later expanded to other controversial aspects. It just seems that nobody has bothered to later update the URL name. Part of the problem of resolving some of these controversial aspects, especially related to violence and crime, is separating things like cause and effect from irrelevant correlations. Also, there can be a large difference between short-term and long-term effects. Statistical studies can help but we really need more scientific studies of changes in things like brain wave patterns, and determining what, if any, those long-term effects can be. I am glad that they also mention video game addiction, including having a link to the "Video Game Addiction" article that has a link to our Wikipedia entry. Whether or not it is a true "addiction" is still controversial, partially depending on how you define the term "addiction". However, IMHO, the many stories here indisputably show that some people play video games excessively, causing problems for both themselves and their loved ones. I am glad that groups like OLGA are here to help those people (like me) as well as their friends and family members.

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Nowhere is it mentioned that

Nowhere is it mentioned that the AMA and APA have held hearings to discuss whether and how video gaming should be classified as addictive/compulsive, or that the preliminary conclusion is that large-scale studies still need to be done before either category will be embraced by the medical profession. Nowhere is it mentioned that there are many clinics and therapists in both in-house and outpatient basis who treat video game addiction. Overall I read it as slightly pro-game.

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