Video games racist, says study

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Video games racist, says study

The article at[/url] describes a study by a Canadian researcher who claims that some popular video games promote racist, negative stereotypes of Asians.A This is something that I, at the least, have never heard of before.A However, as it says in the article, the impact on gamers is hard to measure.A To me, it is similar to whether or not violence in video games helps promote violence in real life, which is also highly contentious.A Nonetheless, if there is even some effect on racism, even in just certain susceptible people (e.g., people who may become addicted to them to the extent that they almost become real life to them), to me that is just one more reason for certain to stay away from those particular games.

If anybody knows of any other studies or details regarding the existence and effect of racism in video games, please post links to those sites here.A Thanks.

- John O.

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