Trying something new to stop playing second life.

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Trying something new to stop playing second life.

I've been fighting tooth & nail with my second life addiction for a while now. So far, so bad as I slid terribly a few times with a return to daily log in's & a few 10 hour days.

Fed up with my failure, & the power this **** game has over me, I took a very big step today. A suggestion I found on a blog, imthevilprincess.hubpages, which has a second life addiction page with 4 years of posting. I never thought of this before.

I removed all my viewers from my gaming computer, as well as several other second life related programs & moved all the pictures to a flash drive.

I held my breath while my computer deleted the files of each viewer.

I'm hoping that re-installing them will be a pain enough to keep me off.

I am desperate & will try anything at this point.

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Hello Mary, Congratulations

Hello Mary,

Congratulations on making the smart and difficult decision to quit gaming.

You took some great steps, deleting and getting rid of your game and game files. Some recovering game addicts go so far as to invest in blocking software, and block the sites we visit compulsively.

Desperation, for an addict, is a good thing. It cuts through the denial. It drives us to seek help. It drives us to try recovery.

For me, quitting and deleting the games was such an important step that I remember the date, and count the days that have passed since. However, it was only the first step for me. In order to stay quit, I need to keep asking for help. I need to work on healing the problems in my life and myself that led me to escape into addiction in the first place.

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Hi MsMary and welcome to

Hi MsMary and welcome to Olga. As you have found, getting off the games is extremely difficult. What helped me, once I finally quit (which took me a year to do after I realized I had a problem), was becoming involved on this website. I hope you'll stick around and, whenever you feel the urge to go back to SL, come here instead and read posts, respond to other's posts and attend a meeting if you can. We just can't fight this thing alone, but with the support and encouragement of others who understand, we can do it. Best of luck to you!


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ~Maria Robinson

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Hugs MsMary!  I also had to

Hugs MsMary! I also had to uninstall my game and delete all game friends. I found I had to also delete the other video games I had on my computer as well. Since you mentioned your computer was a gaming computer, you might want to consider removing the other games. I found playing any of my other games caused me to reinstall my mmo that I had been playing or I got just as addicted to one of them. It was very tough the first 5-9 days but it got easier then.

Hugs, Lisa Video game free since 4/17/2014

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