Hey I need advice on this

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Hey I need advice on this

Alright. I recognize that I'm probably a video game addict and certainly an MMORPG addict.

The question is this.

Should I :

1) Quit MMORPG's, deleting my characters and breaking the CD's


2) Quit ALL video games.

In addition to mmo's I also play Counterstrike and Rise of Nations.

On saturday night I played a MMO for like 14 hours straight, I know that's not right.

I have tried to quit MMO's before, and have succeeded for months, but I cannot imagine giving up ALL my games.

Usually Counterstrike I play for 2-3 hours at a time. RON I play 1-2 hours.

Should I quit only MMO's? All gaming?

Maybe a layered approach. Start with MMO's, then remove online shooters, then remove the single-player games.

What do you experts think?

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It's me again

Me again.

Played a round of Rise of Nations earlier.

Have not logged into MMO at all.

I get the feeling that I should quit ALL games.

I have never tried to quit all of them. Been playing video games since age 15, I'm now in my 30's.

Yeah I know, it's sad.

I've quit MMO's before, for months even, but I've never stopped playing ALL games. I end up playing 2-3 hours a day, then it gets more and more, and pretty soon I'm re-activating my account.

I wonder how deep my addiction is.

If I quit all games, would doing stuff on the computer make me want to play again?

Do I need to get rid of all my computers, all my digital stuff, and just try to live as a non-internet having person?

Can't imagine life without a computer. Or the internet.

All my work is on my laptop, I make my living through computers, my friends are all online, the sole joy of my life (video games) is all on computer. I've found my last 3 girlfriends through chatrooms.

Heck I'm practically artificial intelligence.

Maybe I need to become Amish or something to break this, and become human again.

Just random thoughts. I'll be back later. Prolly will uninstall all my games tonight and see if I can survive the evening.

If I have to give up computing to save my life, I might actually do it. Do you think it's necessary? I can't imagine how. I'll think on it.

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Re: Hey I need advice on this


Thanks for your post. I deffinately feel like I am an expert on this subject, however I can only speak for myself.

I have also been playing computer games since I was a little kid, and am also a Huge MMO addict. I used to play CS about 5-6 years ago for hours at a time. Also I used to play RPGs for even longer. However, with the new MMO's comming out I was pretty much screwed from the get go. I got heavily into WOW, and it pretty much took control of my life. It was something that brought me relief from reality.

I identify with videogames being the "sole Joy" of your life. However, this is a tricky subject. To be honest, I dont know what is best for you to do. I will relate my experience then.

I quit playing WoW about 3 times, and the most recent has gotten me off the game for about 3 months now. However, this has not been an easy 3 months. I got in touch with some of my feelings, and its not easy to go through them.

To be straight, I was seriously depressed. I still feel it today a little.

Because of the nature of what happens when we kick videogames, and go back to "reality", it is important that you seek help.

If you dont have a healthy and active social life Outside of videogames it could be incredibly difficult for you to just up and quit everything.

Personally I think you need to make a serious choice here.
Either you try to limit the amount of time you play seriously, and not let the wreckage get out of hand (this is called "Damage Control"), or you absolutely quit everything.

Personally though, I think quitting everything can be extrememly challenging, and I think it takes alot of courage.

About your idea of getting rid of your computers: I gave my computer to my friend to hold on too. This was the machine that had all my games on it. Now I go to computer labs to use the internet, and work on computers that do not have the ability to accesability to play Games.

This I think might work for you, but I must be honest and say that I seriously crave playing WoW again, mainly because IM stressed out, and life can sometimes seem too much to deal with.

I think its going to take a miracle for me to stay off videogames for much longer, my semester is alomst done, and new content is being added to World of warcraft every week =(

I just hope I can control it this time, we will see I guess If I do pick up again.

By the way, good luck with everything, I wish you a happy and joyful life,


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Thanks for the reply eddie.

Yeah I got rid of all my games yesterday evening.

So far so good.

Fortunately I haven't played WoW in about 6 months, I know what sort of digital crack that game is, it's actually alot of fun, so I had to stay away from it.

My latest game was Eve, and it's actually pretty boring, so I don't have a problem kicking that habit.

I miss counterstrike, rise of nations, and allegiance. Two of those are shooters, and the third is a single player RTS.

I did not play them to excess, but I had to get rid of them anyway, because it was my only way to "relax."

Need to find better ways to relax, ways that don't isolate me so much in a computer.

Another aspect is money. I just realized how expensive real life is. If I drive to the beach today, it'll cost me $10 in gas. If I order a movie, it'll cost me $3.95.

If you add that stuff up over 1 month, it comes to a few hundred bucks, a far cry above and beyond the $15 mmorpg subscription fee.

Luckily I have the means to shell out the money to have a life again. What about the people who don't? What are they supposed to do for fun?

Lets say if you didn't have money, or family, or anything. Just a computer. It would probably be pure hell trying to quit games, because you have nothing to fill the gap with.

If I was in that position, I would probably teach myself HTML and become a webmaster.

Maybe that's what I'll do.

Maybe hit the library for books and movies.

Maybe take the subway to the beach instead of my car, I'll save $7 but waste 3 hours on transportation.

Nah. I think I'll drive this time.

You know what helps me Eddie?

Alot of times in life, we think "who am I to be successful? Who am I to be beautiful and rich and famous?" It's called "little old me syndrome." You think "little old you" could never become another Bill Gates, George Cloony, George Bush, Al Capone.

Playing WoW reinforces the "little old me" thinking, because if you are powerful in game, but powerless in RL, you start thinking that the "real you" could never be successful because its only "little old me."

Also be careful of little old me's relative "little old you."

When you tell someone your dream, and they laugh. Like if you say, "I wish I could be an astronaut" and your girlfriend says, "HAH! You? An Astronaut? You can't even hand in your homework on time."

That's a little old you-ism.

Great book I read recently by John T Reed called "Succeeding." It's basically common sense advice about how to succeed in life, if I ever have children they will get that book for their 16th birthday.

Procrastination = Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success.

That's the key eddie. Thats why we play games, because we don't want to face life.

In WoW you can't lose. You only succeed. Thats what makes it addicting.

Good luck out there Eddie.

Day 2 game free wheeee

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Re: Hey

Quote:Procrastination = Fear. Fear of failure, fear of success.

That's the key eddie. Thats why we play games, because we don't want to face life.

In WoW you can't lose. You only succeed. Thats what makes it addicting.

Vevy vevy tlue as an old chinese master with no teeth would say

My god, I have been procrastinating the whole last month, itA's not even funny any more. Every day I get up with the thought it has to stop only to continue to procrastinate. I really really need to sit down and do some serious spiritual work on myself again.

Thank you for your posts Eddie and Fizzle! Today I stay gaming free. And work on my diploma. And enjoy the beautiful sea wind from outside the window (and maybe go outside to enjoy it at the beach)

Thanks again


What you think, you create. What you say, you produce. What you do, you call forth more of.

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Re: Hey

Hey there, after my wife wanted to "cool off" and live separately after 5 years of neglecting her due to my game addiction, I've finally quit playing games (hopefully for good) this time. I'm 34 sort we're pretty close, age-wise, and have also been hooked on games since the first Dungeons and Dragons game came out in the early 80s (DOS-based text RPG)...remember that?

I decided to quit games altogether because I need to gain back half my life I literally wasted on games.

I think one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to make sure you have a computer that is not fast enough to run the games you want to play. Right now where I'm living I only have a PIII laptop that allows me to use Microsoft Office stuff at a tolerable speed. I cannot play even Diablo 2 on it without the thing freezing up on me.

I think getting rid of all digital and computer equipment is overkill, unless you get tempted to play other games like casino or other Internet addictions such as porn, mindless surfing, chatting, etc. then go ahead get rid of all forms of technology in your house.

Right now I've become very involved and active in church ministry. That has certainly proved 1000000000 x more meaningful and fruitful that online gaming. I've met a lot of people who are helping me though this very difficult process. I'm sure if you pray and believe hard enough, many good things will come your way.

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Re: It's me again

Getting off games is hard... I truly had to re-admit to myself and God that I had a REAL problem with this... Basically, I had to learn to hate my addiction to games... eventually, I became free of its grip...

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