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i'm trying to quit gaming. i'm looking for a sponsor. if anyone has advice on how this is accomplished, let me know


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Hi, i would suggest you to

Hi, i would suggest you to post your story first and then attend the meetings, we have 2 type of meetings, the ones in the chat room 9pm EST time everyday and the ones on skype monday - wednesday and saturday (i'm not sure if the monday meeting is still a skype meeting) at 3PM London Time. That way you will meet the members here and you will feel more in confidence. After that you can post again asking for a sponsor.

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welcome ben, In my

welcome ben,

In my experience a sponsor is a relationship that grows out of the existing relationship i build at a meeting, or 1 on 1.

So feel free to post your story, come to the meetings,

get to know the people, let them know you a little,

and then pick the best man for te job:)
gl hf

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