3D Displays May Be Hazardous To Young Children

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3D Displays May Be Hazardous To Young Children

The article, at http://science.slashdot.org/...">http://science.slashdot.org/story/10/06/26/2059205/3D-Displays-May-Be-Ha..., says:

Quote:Turns out 3D television can be inherently dangerous to developing children, and perhaps to adults as well. There's a malaise in children that can prevent full stereopsis (depth perception) from developing, called strabismus or lazy-eye. It is an abnormal alignment of the eyes in which the eyes do not focus on the same object -- kind of like when you watch a 3D movie. As a result, depth perception is compromised. Acting on a hunch, the guys over at Audioholics contacted Mark Pesce, who worked with Sega on its VR Headset over 15 years ago -- you know, the headset that never made it to market. As it turns out, back then Sega uncovered serious health risks involved with children consuming 3D and quickly buried the reports, and the project. Unfortunately, the same dangers exist in today's 3D, and the electronics, movie, and gaming industries seem to be ignoring the issue. If fully realized, 3D just might affect the vision of millions of children and, according to the latest research, many adults, across the country.

This should obviously be a concern to parents about the likely upcoming exploding use of 3-D, including in excessive playing of video games that this site is most concerned about. However, I recommend being careful to not become panicked based on one report but, instead, to become better informed about this issue, including what to possibly do about it.

- John O.

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I don't care if my eventual

I don't care if my eventual kids hate me forever, I'm gonna keep them away from things like this that they don't need

one day I'll just sit them down and start with "son, there are a lot of stupid things out there on the market that nobody needs"

If you play video games, turn them off once in a while and rejoin life. Some of us here like you, don't ask me why.

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Just because something is

Just because something is endorsed by the market doesn't mean it has the individual's best interest at heart. In fact, the money-making industries rarely care about the individual and seek to destroy everything that gets in the way of making money - including all of us spending time with our friends and family which cost nothing.

This goes for food, entertainment, lifestyle - anything to take money and cause more problems to buy more solutions or sedative-like passtimes.

Very sad. Remember, there's a poor and starving world out there and we need to get our heads out of the sand and onto the things that really matter. We don't have to accept the scraps of 'quality life' that are left over by the ones who really make big money.

Use your head and live your life. Enjoy everyday, don't waste a day - we are not here forever.

"You're blessed when you're content with just who you areaEU"no more, no less. That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought."
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3D games have hazardous

3D games have hazardous effects on young children as they produce harmful radiations that are not good for their eyes.


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