Canadian Organizations Focusing On "Video Game Addiction"

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Canadian Organizations Focusing On "Video Game Addiction"

I am really encouraged to see two Canadian organizations recently add a new focus on video game addiction. Kiwi Seminars, which recently invited me to speak at an event that has regrettably been cancelled due to low pre-registration numbers, will now focus instead on free presentations on these subjects:

- How the internet works
- Safe Social Networking
- Netiquette
- Cyber Bullying
- Online Gaming and Gaming Addiction

The Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation has invited me to speak at identical workshops on April 16th and May 12th in the Toronto area. Significantly, they have used the phrase video game addiction in promoting their events.

Quote:This full day workshop will examine current research on adolescent addictions describing the nature of these addictions and the impact these addictions have on the lives of both the young person and their families. Areas of addiction that will be covered include substance use, internet gambling and video game addiction. The signs and symptoms of a developing addiction and best practice intervention techniques and supports will be reviewed. Current addiction based resources and services available in York Region will be profiled to help improve access in intervention.

We're making progress folks! Having the addiction named an addiction alongside drugs and gambling is an important step toward greater awareness among doctors, and better treatment!


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great news! way to brad!

great news! way to brad!

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Yes, I agree Brad. Keep us

Yes, I agree Brad. Keep us informed.

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Brad, I will be speaking at

Brad, I will be speaking at the Hazelden conference, Youth and Addiction, in November of this year. This is significant because Hazelden is the world's foremost publisher of addiction literature and has a world-class treatment center (not yet for cyber addictions specifically). It is nice to now that progress is being made on several fronts!

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