Grover, Elmo give video games the thumbs up

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Grover, Elmo give video games the thumbs up

The article at"> says:

Quote:The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop has issued a report detailing the potentially positive effects of games in helping to educate children and promote their well-being.

The report urges educators, the government and even the healthcare industry to launch research and development initiatives in the industry, so they might learn to maximize the impact video games can have on kids.

The article does not mention anything particularly negative about video games, such as the potential for addiction, except for the following restrictions:

Quote:Of course, the report notes that children who play games should do so with adult supervision -- and, obviously, it's not talking about M-rated titles.

- John O.

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Interesting. As always, OLGA

Interesting. As always, OLGA and OLG-Anon have no opinion on this or any other outside issue.

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