How do we get the message into schools

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How do we get the message into schools

Dear Olganon, 

I would like to get the message of the dangers of online gaming addicition into my sons' school (grade 1-12), in the hope that I can prevent what has happened to my son, from happening to others, and possibly to help those already with problematic gaming behaviour to access advice and care. I thought that getting someting into the school newsletter might be a good start. Does anyone have experience with this? Please share if you do.

Thank you


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I don't have any experience.

I don't have any experience. Our member Andrew_Doan has been involved with giving presentations to schools. He is involved with an organisation called Real Battle Ministries.Check out his profile and posts here

You could try to PM him if you need advice


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Getting message to schools

I am writing letters to our school systems asking for accommodations for our gaming, smart phone addicted son. The do not allow drugs, alcohol, etc. and they accommodate for allergies to peanuts, etc. It is time for schools to support parents and kids.

look up Families Managing Media, ReStart, Outback Therapeutic and Jason Calder and Unplugged and Dr. gentile's work and Dr. Dunckley.


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Hi Pelson

I thought a lot about that as well. Maybe giving the copies of the relevant books to the principles of the schools and emailing them the links of the articles and videos explaining the dangers of excessive amount of screen time could be a start. One of the principles put the link of the video explaining the dangers of gaming, which I sent to him, on the newsletter.

I also bought a few copies of "virtual child" by Cris  A. Rowen and gave them to my friends who are primary school teachers to read and circulate among other teachers. I usually forward the links to any scientific study and research results , like the one below, to them as well:

I know it is very little but I feel it is better to do at least little bit then nothing at all. I noticed that parents generally have no idea about the dangers . Even worse, some young parents believe it is really beneficial for their children to spent time on the computer. I witnessed some parents' bragging about how good and fast their young children (6-7 year olds) with computers and internet. My heart aches when I hear these comments . But I no longer stay silent... I warn them and  recommend them some books to read..Most of the time they are in disbelief but at least I believe I am planting some seeds...  

Please share if you come up with a good strategy which we could all use to spread the word around. Take care!

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