My Science Project

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My Science Project


My Science Project

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, so if somebody could move this to the right spot that would be great.

Well, I'll start off by saying for my science project this year I am doing Gaming Addictions. I found this website and thought it would be the perfect place to get good information. Myself I play RuneScape and have never considered myself addicted although i feel if i continue for too much longer that addiction will overcome me. Currently I play at least 1 hour per day, sometimes more. I am thankful I have recognized this very quickly after reading some of the stories of people dying and having their lives ruined completely (I am very sorry for the people that that has happened to). I wanted to learn more about what this addiction can do not only to your actions but also in you brain. I still haven't found much about that part, so i would like it if some people who know about this to talk to me.

I am conducting an experiment on my friends who also play runescape and other MMORPG's, some closer to addiction than me. I will create a survey for them to take before, and after a certain week. During that week, they will not be allowed to play any type of online game or video game.

What I would like help with is creating the survey. I would like it if you guys came up with some good questions for me to possibly add to my survey. I have thought of a few, but need more for sure.

Another part that I want to add to my science project is how you can stop addiction in the early stages, about where I am on the scale if you will. I see that compared to many people, I seem distantly far from addiction. But I have read some of the symtoms and I see that I am suffering from a few of them. I want to know how I can stop myself from being sucked into the black hole. I know that I would play much longer if I was allowed too, but I can't. Sometimes I find myself going around that and finding good excuses, which I am trying to stop.

So I just want some help here with my science project and try to get some good ideas!

Im doing gaming addictions for my science project, need some good information on it. If you have some please check out my threads or pm me.