Teen Gamers

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Teen Gamers

I just came across this article. It holds some credibility with me and our situation with our son.


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Re: Teen Gamers

[size=14]Interesting article. It puts a lot of the challenges in the proverbial nutshell I think.[/size]

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Re: Teen Gamers

I think the "academics at Stanford" that they are talking about are Nick Yee and his crew. They seem to be more interested in studying the social dynamics of the game than the addictiveness of it. I'm guessing that most of them play it themselves. Nick was the one who equated WoW addiction to golf addiction. Have any of you seen any golfers out on the links for 24 hours straight? Any kids failing college due to spending too much time golfing? Guys getting fired from their jobs for golfing?

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Re: Teen Gamers

Did anyone else notice the reference to our organization, as though it were the most natural thing in the world, to join OLGA? And not having to explain what it is? We have achieved mainstream status people. Its been a while coming. :|

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