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WoW Credit Card

I can just imagine all the additional damage this one is going to cause. My kid is starting to get credit card offers and he doesn't even have a job. Watch out, spouses and parents!

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Re: WoW Credit Card

same one as in"sarcasm" thread just below this, see for other comments.

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Re: WoW Credit Card Hard Copy World of Warcraft Visa Card Announced
By Nino Marchetti
May 08, 2007 Gamers of the popular Blizzard online experience can spend credit dollars in exchange for points which lead to free game time. If World of Warcraft is your favorite online addiction you can now feed the need even more via credit. Blizzard Entertainment, makers of this popular Internet video game, have announced a partnership with First National Bank of Omaha for a new World of Warcraft Visa Rewards credit card. The World of Warcraft Visa Rewards card will be available in 13 different designs, according to Blizzard. These designs include all ten playable character races, as well as for the Horde and Alliance factions and the World of Warcraft logo. In addition to standard give-me's like no-annual fee and a low introductory APR, gamers equipped with one of these Visas will get points for dollars spent which can be redeemed for a free month of play (1,500 points to be exact). Blizzard and First National Bank are also currently offering a promotional free month of World of Warcraft time to cardholders upon their first use of the card. AC/a,!A"We worked with First National Bank to design a credit card that provides meaningful benefits for World of Warcraft players,AC/a,!A stated Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment, in a statement. AC/a,!A"In addition to the benefits it offers, we feel that the World of Warcraft Visa card is another great way for players to represent their gaming passion out in the real world.AC/a,!A

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...and discounts at local

...and discounts at local divorce attorneys?

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