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AA Thought for the Day

March 27, 2013

Beaten into complete defeat by alcohol [gaming], confronted by the living proof of release, and surrounded by those who can speak from the heart, we have finally surrendered. . . Enough willingness, enough open-mindedness -- and there it is!
- The Language of the Heart, p. 246

Thought to Ponder . . .
Avoidance is not the key; surrender opens the door.

AA-related 'Alconym' . . .
K I S S = Keep It Simple; Surrender.

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So true!

So true!

Jenatorre (not verified)
With the help of an OLGA

With the help of an OLGA friend, I am beginning to surrender to my addict self (Veronica), and I am willing to heal her as much as much as I can.

I will teach Veronica self-discipline; empathy; and compassion. I will teach her about honoring commitments, and self-care.

My last depression group session is tomorrow at 9am. Veronica does not want to go. She is not a morning person, and does not like to talk about depression.

My mom says I can be a role model for those who are depressed in my group, and I want to find out what other support groups I can join. I am considering repeating the assertiveness group (I made 4 sessions out of 10). So I will do what seems "right" and go to my group tomorrow, and bring Veronica with me.

Veronica needs to heal with my help, as I surrender.

- Jennifer Ann

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