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Hi, i am new to the site.
While i am addicted to pretty much any game i can lay my hands on, I think DotA is a highly addictive game. It is actually a custom game within Warcraft 3, however it can be considered pretty much a stand alone. It has its own community, own private money online and lan tournaments.

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i am too addicted to DotA

i am too addicted to DotA but quit for about 3 months now. what did i do: i stopped playing with my team and stopped downloading updates (new maps, etc). i also uninstalled the game (omg.. i did that?! lol) and blocked the site/s that can be related to it. after about 2 weeks of not playing it, and new maps, characters have been released, you will find yourself not "updated" and wil probably lost interest in becoming updated again(worked for me. hope works for you). again, set goals which are easy to be done. inch by inch you will be satisfied on how you can control your addiction

i want to quit gaming!

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All that is told here is

All that is told here is true, I was addicted to video games, I have 18 years and I was always very different child my adolescence stage, in which I was sucked into a popular game and unfortunately more and more popular , DOTA, truth is that all I have to play and enviciarme so he could spend more than 14 hours on the PC, but I've always had some consideration, so it took some breaks, like it was a horrible vice, is the little closeness of my parents, the feeling of being alone in my house, with absolutely no one, is so depressing, I felt so abandoned, at school I was a alummo good many more in certain areas than in others.Perhaps I miss knowing God at that time, I felt disoriented, was 11, and at school he found nothing to motivate me, my friends made me a verbal bullying, remember those times is terrible for me. What happened is that being with a group, which I joined for all these reasons, finish watching them seemed happy, the question was why? As not excel in school, or in the notes, or have girlfriends, or anything "good" at that time could be.I found that were engaged to play games, watch cartoons, among other things, that certainly was a little kid, but I never enviciarme, instead I loved to play soccer. When you hang out with this group and start playing the games of that era, Counter Strike, Warcraft III later, I met the DOTA through my cousin, who I think is also addicted, which I think was something I regret very much, I wish that other things have made my life better at the time, well the truth I feel guilty, no actually it was me or someone else in the group also why but all my mates started playing DOTA group. From then on every time dedicate more time to DOTA, talked of the game, we thought in the game, competed among us, "retabamos", all this at first was very intense installment for me, I started to see life much better, at last I had friends who shared something in common, something that had been the same with my old friends, who ended up becoming that made me feel excluded. After a long time, and have increasingly delved more into the game, install game on my PC before I played alone in internet booths, it was a very bad decision, but then could not think of anything but out to earn the respect of my friends to be the "best player" of all people, THIS is what more reason or in other words "enslaved" to keep playing DOTA for 3 years, the acceptance of others, the feeling of being someone important, the feeling of triumph after winning every game, to be getting better, to feel that you have a purpose in life and finally have the success you think. All this is what I get, I accept that I had low self-esteem, hurt me inside, I had cholera myself unconsciously, was a mess inside.After almost three years, I started to notice that I needed to get out of this, every time I was worse at school, my grades were lower, had a bad relationship with my mother, my father and my little sister saw them, they were in another city , working and studying. ONLY LIVED TO PLAY DOTA, there was nothing in the world that would make me feel useful, capable, intelligent, that sad reality, and yet, I started to value, something inside me made me want to go out, have a new life, other friends live all that I could not live until then, just live well and without this pain every day.Months later, with the help of God, and various events that delighted my life, I have enough motivation to quit DOTA once and for all. At first almost not notice, but the psychological weight that occurs over time is so strong, I was trying very hard not to sit in front of the monitor to think he would find the "Happiness"I write this to try to express everything I felt and I step to try to help someone you know my feeling and feel like, PLEASE, leave while it's early, no matter what your friends say, are independent, you can do it, find other friends, there is a world out there waiting for you, just do it, Decide to change.I have 18 years and I can say that after three years without playing'm a much happier person, I feel much more peace than before, but sometimes feel anxiety try to be with God to overcome it, thank you all for reading this, mothers who read this come closer to his son and comuniquence really with him, help him, know the reality in college, my mother after a long shift and that helped me a lot, because of all that I can say I'm beginning to overcome .

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