PayPal billing description change?

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PayPal billing description change?

Hey, I'm new here, actually didn't realize there was a forum until after spending a day in the chat room ("community" didn't translate to "forum" and I hadn't done a full exploration of the site yet). I did notice that when using paypal to make a donation, the description is fully written out, "OLGA _ On-Line Gamers Anonymous", which bothers me none at all... but had I come around a few years ago in my recovery process, it might have bothered me. I'm not the only one with access to my paypal account, and if I was ready to make a donation before I was ready to talk to my partner about it... well, it would be off-putting at least. I wonder how difficult it would be to change that to just "OLGA" and have the meaning of the acronym be somewhat more anonymous for billing purposes.

*shrug* That is all.


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Thanks for the headsup. Liz,

Thanks for the headsup. Liz, it should actually be changed to OOWS/OLGA/OLGANON?

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Thank you for the heads-up.

Thank you for the heads-up. I have changed the Business to this:


Liz Woolley

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