Cosette Rae, MSW, LSWAIC Clinical Director

Contact Info
PO Box 490
Fall City, WA 98024
United States
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Phone Number: 
(800) 682-6934

Her OLG-Anon user name is: heavensfield

She is also the founder of: Internet and Technology Addiction Anonymous

Counseling for Internet and Excessive Video Game Use

Our professionally trained clinicians understand video game and technology related behavioral addictions, and the impact such conditions have on a person's life. We work with individuals, couples and families to help them better understand and recover from an Internet, Video Gaming or Technology related behavioral addiction, as they reconnect with what's important and meaningful in their lives.

Counseling Program Services available include:

  • Thorough individualized assessments

  • Clinically designed programs tailored to meet individual needs

  • Individual counseling with professionally trained staff

  • Group counseling and psychotherapy

  • Life skills and vocational coaching

  • Mindfulness based stress reduction programs and group-work

  • Adventure based wilderness therapy

  • 12-step meetings and spiritual recovery

We invite you to meet with one of our clinicians for an assessment and development of an individualized treatment plan to help you or someone you care about, learn to manage, and in many cases overcome, a technology related behavioral addiction.

Cosette Rae, MSW

"Helping others resSTART a sustainable lifestyle"