Dr. Patrick J. Hart

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The Hart Center Mental Health - Family Intervention and Drug Treatment
3727 Bagley Ave No.
Seattle, WA 98103
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(253) 642-7941

Help for Problems of Computer Gaming Addiction.  If you are unsure what to do, and seek dependable help for computer addiction or other compulsive behaviors. The Hart Center for Cyber Addiction extends to you a lifeline of solution focused counseling services. Confidential evaluation and treatment recommendations are extended to families or individuals whom desire help with problems associated with computer gaming, gambling, and othe life-defeating addictive-compulsive behaviors. You may schedule confidential telephone consultation for decisive answers to your most pressing questions about addictive disorders and mental health. Dr. Patrick J. Hart Psychotherapist Family Intervention Specialist Phone: 206.547.HELP 206.769.STOP Email: hart@oz.net