Inpatient Internet Addiction Center in Windsor, Canada

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Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH)
Shawn Rumble, HDGH Problem Gambling Counselor
1453 Prince Road
Windsor, ON N9C 3Z4
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(519) 257-5111 Ext. 76984

Taking Our Game to the Next Level: Hotel-Dieu Grace Adds Video Game and Internet Dependency Services

Windsor, ON - Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) invited the community to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Problem Gambling - Residential and Day Treatment Services on Friday, June 26, 2015. HDGH hosted an open house for staff, former patients and the community to celebrate this milestone at Problem Gambling Services new location on the first floor of the Emara building of the Tayfour Campus.

Those who attended the open house learned from Joe Karb, HDGH Director of Mental Health Services that Problem Gambling is expanding on current services offered to meet the growing needs of our cyber community members. "We are proud to build on a legacy of success and advanced critical training by taking our game to the next level and announce that we are adding Video Game and Internet Dependency services to our programming," said Karb.

Shawn Rumble, HDGH Problem Gambling Counselor and a recognized Provincial Specialist and Trainer is leading this expansion of services. He indicated that Video Game and/or Dependency may be referred by different terms including Internet and Video Game Addiction, Internet Gaming Addiction, Cyber Dependence, and Disruptive Use Behaviours. "Our approach is to add Video Game and Internet Dependency focus in all aspects of our interactions with clients - from assessment criterion, to counseling with our staff who have received training on Problematic Internet Use, as well as incorporating into the current Residential Treatment Services," said Rumble.

Janice Kaffer, President and CEO of HDGH, thanked the community and former patients for making HDGH part of their care journey, as well as the passion exhibited from Problem Gambling Services staff. “This dedicated team of 16 professionals exemplifies our corporate values each day,” said Kaffer. “They provide high quality and innovative programs to address addiction including our newest addition: Video Game and Internet Dependency.”

"As direct service providers, Problem Gambling Services has observed a subtle and profound merging of video games and gambling," said Karb. "It is our hope that by adding Video Game and Internet Dependency services we can address the needs of our clients and the community." 

Our 21Day Residential Program for individuals with Gambling, Gaming, and Internet concerns is free for Ontario Residents and a cost of $6000CDN or $400 per day for out of Country or Province clients.

Within our comprehensive 3 week program, we cover 3 core/themed issues including: Self-Awareness, Stress Management, and Relapse Prevention. In addition to the Psycho-educational group therapy component, individuals have the opportunity of participating in Credit Counselling, Art Therapy, Cinema Therapy, Daily Meditation, Spiritual Support, Physical Fitness, and Individual Counselling. Our strengths based programming employs best practices in working with clients.

Liz Woolley