Miguel Cocco, Licenciado em Psicologia

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Rua Conselheiro Martins de Carvalho, 23 - 6º Esq -
1400-069 Lisboa
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Tel: 351 96 169 32 00

Hello ,

My mame os Miguel Cocco.

I am a psychologist working for several geara with Addiction,
recent I tinistes my Masters in personality and online gaming.

I am portuguese and working in Portugal where online Addiction still os not recognized by the society.

My work os exaclty trying to provide help in this area. Beijg in you data base apule be a tremedous help.

Working as an Clinical Psychologist with adolescente and adults in private pratice.

Prevention in schools and organizations

Miguel Cocco
Licenciado em Psicologia
351 96 169 32 00


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