Mike Johnston-Price

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Life Coaching SW
Roma, High Street, Keinton Mandeville, Somerton
TA11 6DZ
United Kingdom
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01458 223699 My country code is 0044 and the zero of the UK local dialling code is omitted when calling from outside the UK e.g. 0044 (0)1458223699.

I am a supervisor and a therapist working in South Somerset with a particular interest in addictive populations. I have helped individuals work through their addiction, supervised counsellors who are working with addictive clients and trained addictions counsellors to work in the field of addiction.

My experience with on-line-gamers is that it all started off innocently enough but then they found themselves spending more and more time gaming until it had taken over their lives. In extreme cases this has put their relationships at risk, had final warnings from their place of employment and lost all interest in their kids and friends. As a consequence I have a very clear understanding of the power that this kind of addiction, had on an individual and what makes it unique and hard to stop. However if a person is willing to work to lose their addiction, then I can help.

I use a range approaches, mainly CBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI) NLP and Hypnotherapy and would encourage the client's partner to participate in the recovery process. If you want to share your journey of recovery I would be honoured to walk with you.




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