Ray Chua, clinical psychologist specializing in gaming addiction in Singapore

Contact Info
National University Hospital
1E Kent Ridge Road
NUHS Tower Block, Level 9
Phone Number: 
+65 6772 3909

Ray Chua is the author of the book, Virtual Realms, Real Needs: How to guide your children in a world of videogames. In this book, Ray shares about video-gaming and gaming addiction from the perspective of a gaming addiction therapist, an avid gamer and father of children who play games.

Ray is a registered psychologist in Singapore. He is a clinical psychologist with the REACH (West) programme at National University Hospital and previously Assistant Manager (R&D and Counselling) at TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW).

At REACH (West), Ray is responsible for the Cyber Health & Internet Programme (CHIP). CHIP is a programme designed to assess and treat internet gaming disorder. At TCW, Ray led the research and development team to develop Cyber Wellness education materials for schools. He also led the counselling team which was known nationally for counselling gaming addicts. As a gamer for more than 30 years, he is able to build rapport easily with children and youths with gaming addiction.

Ray was interviewed on numerous occasions on gaming addiction issues for national newspapers, magazines and television. He also gave talks to students, teachers, counsellors and parents at many schools and organizations on Cyber Wellness both locally and overseas. In 2011, Ray was part of the TCW team which was awarded the National Youth Award (Team), the highest Youth accolade in Singapore, for its work in Cyber Wellness.


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