Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps we carried this message to other addicted gamers an

Principles - Service and Brotherly Love

Passing on of the program, or Helping others

We are amazed at how far we've come.

More will be revealed as we continue walking these steps each day"One Day At A Time".

Step 12 allows us to carry the message of healing to others who suffer, sometimes just by being who we have become.

We share our Experience, Strength, and Hope.

Note that the basis of our effectiveness in carrying the message to others is the reality of our own spiritual awakening. If we have not changed, we cannot be used to change others. To keep this program, we must pass it on to others. We cannot hoard it for ourselves. We may lose it unless we give it away. It cannot flow into us and stop; it must continue to flow into us as it flows out to others. Am I always ready to give away what I have learned in O.L.G.A.?

We must practice these principles in all our affairs.

This part of the twelfth step must not be overlooked. It is the carrying on of the whole program. We do not just practice these principles in regard to our gaming problem. We practice them in all of our affairs. We do not give one compartment of our lives to our Higher Power and keep the other compartments to ourselves. We give our whole lives to our Higher Power and we try to do His will in every respect. "Herein lies our growth, herein lies all the promise of the future, an ever widening horizon." We are renewed with the spirit of sobriety in the light of recovery.

a) Describe any thoughts or feelings you have had regarding a spiritual awakening you have experienced. Have you had a desire to change? That is a spiritual awakening.

b) Describe the ways in which you have carried this message to others affected by excessive gaming.

c) Discuss what these "spiritual principles" are and how you practice them in all your affairs.

d) Do I carry the O.L.G.A. principles with me wherever I go?

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