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November 21 - Secrets

As awareness increases, the need for personal secrecy almost proportionately decreases.
--Charlotte Painter

We hang onto secrets when we're unsure of ourselves and the role we're asked to play--secrets about our inner thoughts, our dreams and aspirations, our feared inadequacies.

I have a problem...

I'm a 21 year old male from Canada who has been addicted to anything game related since the age of 10.

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I don't want to live without a computer

I thought up a plan.
I will be able to do business and banking and even hmm xxxx some music.
My son will be the admin of my comp. I will have him block the Internet after 11 at night. He will surely think of places I would be wise not to surf.

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November 20 - Discontent in the middle of things

This is a citation from a longer post made by an AA member in a forum. I found it worth thinking about. Please visit www.livejournal.com/commu...45582.html to read the whole post.

Dreaming about computer games?


This thread actually says that ppl are dreaming about playing Age of Empires! I played that game a lot when I was younger but I don't think I actually dreamt about the game.

What makes MMORPGs addictive?

As a gamer myself, I want to say thank you to all who have shared their stories. They are poignant reflections of the damage that gaming can cause in our lives when we can't stop.

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Gleaned from a post by Squeakie/Debbie

Once in a while a post from one of you brilliant people will catch my eye as this one did from one of our new visitors named 'Squeakie.' I thought I would cut and paste it here. Thank you, Debbie - I hope you don't mind me 'sticking' you out in the open



Quote:Just felt compelled to write you.

The thing I repeat to MYSELF for my situation is "You are not your character."

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November - 19 Bonus

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November 19 - Resentment

When we are locked within negative, hostile thinking patterns, we go around in mental circles. What seems perfectly rational to us at the time looks misguided and blind when we look back. Carrying a grudge or a desire to get even with someone is a cancer inside us. It belittles us and holds back our spirit.