Tools for Family, Friends and Loved Ones

We have many tools to support you.  Some are described below. (Any time you see words with blue letters, that is a link. Click on it to go to the item described.)

1.  Read the OLG-Anon Forums.  There is a lot of information here, written by others have been affected by someone who is a gaming addict. 

We have public forums, that are open to all.  There are 3 different categories:

  1. Family and Friends of Gamers
  2. Parents of Gamers
  3. Spouses/Significant Others of Gamers

Start by going to the Friends and Family forum, and reading the Stickied Posts (ones at the top) that interest you. 

Then go to the forum closest to the reason you are here, and read those stickied posts.

2.  You may want to post your story, ask for support or share successes.  Many people begin posting by introducing themselves and explaining why they are here.  It feels good to be able to share with others, who know what you are going through, because they are experiencing the same thing!  We suggest posting in the section closest to why you are here.  People will respond. 

To share your story privately, to share your struggles and to vent, please post in the forums for OLG-Anon Members Only

There are 3 different categories:

  1. Discussions by Friends and Family (OLG-Anon members only)
  2. Discussions by Parents (OLG-Anon members only)
  3. Discussions by Spouses/Significant Others of Gamers (OLG-Anon members only)

These forums can only be accessed by OLG-Anon members.  The general public and other groups do not see or post in the OLG-Anon Members Only Forums.  Moderators and Administrators do have access to the OLG-Anon Members Only Forums.

If you do post in the open forums, anyone can see your posts.  Any members can respond to them.  This can be helpful.  Please be supportive, sensitive and courteous when you respond to posts!  Especially keep that in mind if you are replying to a thread in the recovering gaming addicts (OLGA) open forums. Although this cross-fertilization can be useful, you should generally try to keep those replies to a minimum.

Forum guidelines help us maintain a safe and supportive space for the fellowship.  Before posting, please read the guidelines: Registration and Participaton Rules

3.  Get to know people here.  Welcome new members, as they join.  

  • We offer Instant Messaging.  Look for the small Chat box in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  You can instantly chat with anyone who has a Green Light.  If there is a time that you do not wish to chat with anyone, please click the Go Idle option.  You will get a Yellow light. If people still try to chat with you, ignore them.  To go back Online (with a green light), click Go Online. 
  • We have a nice chatroom, where you can go and chat with others.
  • You can send private messages to other members on the website.  
  • You can private message (pm) during chat meetings as well.

4.  Chat rooms and On-Line meetings are available to you.  Check out the Meeting Schedule.  There are separate meetings for Parents and Spouses.

  1. Parents have a weekly on-line meeting on Thursdays, 9 PM Eastern time.  To join a meeting, go to the Chat rooms.  To select the OLGAnon meeting room, click the number 5 in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  A dropdown menu will appear.  Select the OLGAnon Meetings room.
  2. Spouses have a weekly on-line meeting on Tuesdays, 9 PM Eastern time.  To join a meeting, go to the Chat rooms.  To select the OLGAnon meeting room, click the number 5 in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  A dropdown menu will appear.  Select the OLGAnon Meetings room.

5.  Find members in your area, who you can meet up with for more support.  Go to our Members Look-Up By Location  (That is why you have been asked for the city and state that you are located in when you registered).  Select the Country, State/Province you are from and hit the Apply button.  Contact other members by clicking on their username in the list and sending them a private message (near the bottom of the page).  Meet up and share ideas, about what is working. 

6.  List of Professionals by Location.  If you are looking for Professional help by someone who recognizes gaming addiction, in your area, we have a database of those Professionals.   You can search for a Professional, by location.

7.  Game-free homes:  Many families are now making their homes game-free.  This takes away the drama caused by gaming and families can now concentrate on supporting each other and enhancing their relationships and their real lives.  More true human interaction takes place, so people can bond and be more caring and sensitive toward each other.

Other things that maybe helpful: