Welcome to OLGA Outreach!

Welcome to the Outreach division of OLGA!

Gaming can lead to problems in a person’s life and be just as serious as drug, alcohol and gambling.  This troubling issue needs to be addressed by our society, just as those addictions have been. 

Outreach is the public service division that assists in in educating people on the dangers of excessive game playing.  We were formed, 2014, at the request of our reovering members, so they can focus on their singleness of purpose - recovery.

Tools we offer for your use, so you can reach out and educate your community, school, college, family, parents, church, law-enforecemnt, politicians, professionals, other 12-step grouups, about gaming addiction are:

1.  A List of Things that Need to Be Done About Gaming Addiction.

2.  Provide resources for education of the general public of the possible problems associated with gaming and the potential for recovery. 

3.  An archive of articles about the "dark-side" of gaming, since 2002 in the Gaming Addiction in the News forums.   Topics include:

4.  We assists with starting OLGA/OLG-Anon chapters and face-to-face meetings.

5.  Give recovering members a place to offer their services.

6.  Publicly promote awareness of gaming addiction and the need to address it.

7.  Raise public funds to do this.  If you are inspired to donate to our cause, you can do so here.  Give On-Line.

8.  We support Professionals who treat gaming addiction. 

9.  Offer a list of Professionals, by Location, who treat gaming addicts.

10. Have our own YouTube channel, which contains videos about gaming addiction:  OLGA OLG-Anon You Tube Channel

11. A list of books and videos about gaming addiction.  Some were written/produced by our own members.

Thank you for your service.  It is much needed in our society today!

If you have further questions, you may contact olga@olganon.org


The Staff at On-Line Gamers Anonymous