About the Chat rooms


There is a chat icon in the right corner. If you are offline then it tells you so. Click on it to get more options. You have to be "online" for chat purposes and signed in to be in a chat room; which at the moment it seems you can access through the right corner chat menu or through the chat tab near the top of the page. The latter will give you a bigger screen to see more messages.

The chat configurations keeps changing so this advice may go out of date !


You must be logged in to use the chat rooms!

Chat Legend

There are 4 chatrooms. You must be logged in to use the chatrooms.

1) General
2) OLGA Meetings
3) OLGAnon meetings
4) Staff meetings. 

Click here for the  Meeting Schedule .

Chat Room Guidelines:

Our chat is used for conversations relating to support and recovery of excessive gaming issues. It is for excessive gamers and their friends or family.  Please be courteous in the chat room; our chat moderators can access what is said there.

Be cautious! Some chat users may not use the chat room for its intended purpose.  Some may still be actively gaming, people with poor boundaries, or even trolls.  We cannot prevent anyone from creating accounts.  You can pm a moderator (moderator have a bright orange ball next to their name)  if you are having a problem:   Send a private message (on the site, not in the chat room) to someone who is on the site who might help, such as a chat moderator, forum moderator or admin.  You can see who is on the site on the right hand side of each page.

Tips to use the chatroom, technical problems or chat room not working? 

To open the chat room in a new broswer tab or window, do a right click (for a Mac or Apple product, lightly tap the link) and select "Open in new tab or new window".  You can continue to use this browser window to navigate our site while you chat. If your pop-up blocker is blocking the new window from opening, you would need to open a new browser window manually if you'd like to continue browsing the site while you chat.  You must be logged into olganon.org to chat.

Moderator's have a bright orange ball next to their name, members have a green ball next to their name

To see who is in the chatrooms, click the "participants" in the upper left hand corner of the chatroom.

To use chatroom - Go to Type and send message box at the bottom of the chatroom.

Enter the chatroom by clicking on the name of the chatroom you wish to enter.
Only OLGA Members have access to the OLGA Room for closed meetings.
Only OLG-Anon Members have access to the OLG-Anon Room for closed meetings.

The room that you send the message from is the only room that will see your message.

To leave the room, close the tab of the room that you want to leave or click where else you want to go, on the website.

Don't see the chat or having problems? Please post in our website help forum and check back later for a response to your post.

Currently Active OLGA Chat Moderators:

  • planner

Currently Active OLG-Anon Chat Moderators:

  • mommy3
  • hummingbird

OLGA Forum & Chat Mods:

  • hirshthg
  • bebetterhusband
  • Xyn                                                           

OLG-Anon Forum & Chat Mods:

  • WoW Parent

OLGA Admins:                                                  

  • Silvertabby
  • Tommi                                                                                                                      

OLG-Anon Admins:

  • polga
  • gamersmom
  • lizwool