Website Registration with Forum and Participation Rules

Welcome to the On-Line Gamers Anonymous forums!  On-Line Gamers Anonymous is a fellowship of people sharing their experience, strengths and hope to help each other recover and heal from the problems caused by excessive video game playing.  It's our hope that you find our forums to be informative and a supportive place to visit.

Please take the time to look around and navigate into the various threads of discussions. Should you have any questions regarding policy, functionality, navigation, settings, or any other concern, please feel free to send a PM (Private Message) to one of our Moderators (Mods) or Administrators (Admins). Our Mods are here to help assist you and enforce our rules and regulations, and in most cases, they can offer you a response to your concerns in real time. Don't be afraid to ask them questions or jump right into one of their threads or posts.

While OLGA is a larger organization than a mere website with forums, we acknowledge that at this time these are the primary means by which we offer our support. Although these forums were initially specifically designed and intended for helping the addicted gamer, we are proud to also offer support the friends and families who suffer, directly or indirectly, at the hands of a gamer.  We hope the information found here will be of help to professionals, educators, public service servants and the media.  We are deeply honored to have so many visitors & regular members representing our organization.  Our staff is committed to ensuring that every person here is treated fairly and equitably.

Creating an account enables you to:

  • Access all forums (including the private forums that the general public cannot see).
  • Acquire 24/7 Access to our chat rooms.
  • Attend scheduled chat room meetings.
  • Find people located near you who share our mission.
  • Use the forums to ask questions or interact with others who are, or have been, in your situation.
  • Reap the satisfaction gained from helping others in your position.
  • Subsribes you to our mailing list. Because our organization is self-supported, we occationally have fund-raising campaigns (when needed) to collect donations.

Below is an outline of the steps needed to create an account. For those who are unfamiliar with online forums, we recommend that you print this information as a reference.  

To Register:

Click the "Create new Account" link.  Fill out your account profile:

  • Username - An alias or "nickname" -
    You will use this to sign into your account, and you will be identified throughout the website by this alias.  
    (accounts with inappropriate usernames will be removed)
  • E-mail address -
    Must be a valid, working email address which allows you to complete the registration process.
    Your email address is kept confidential.
  • Locale setting - Time Zone -
    You will see event times converted to your local time zone
  • Name -
    This can be as vague or specific as you want.  You will be known here and respected, and this is the whole point of reaching out for help. 
  • Something About Me - 
    Share with us where you are at.  Let people know who you are so you can connect with like minded individuals that want to reach out with face-to-face connections. 
  • Your Role - 
    Tell us why you are here, and we will present you with appropriate content and links.  Are you a gamer, a friend or family of a gamer, or an outreach worker.  
  • Location -
    We display your location so others can connect with you locally.  
  • Gender - 
    You can choose to share your gender, to help connect you with others.  
  • Age -
    (This is optional, but may be helpful when looking for face-to-face connections. )
  • Google Recaptcha - 
    We use this third party service to deal with the spambots, that are tireless in their quest to hack our website!

Verify Your Email:

  • We will send you a confirmation email with a one-time user registration link. Click on the link, and return to the site to verify your email and activate your account.  
  • When you verify our account, you will have a chance to update your account profile:
    • Add your password - the site will provide you with secure password tips!
    • Add your Signature Block, this will be available for all posts you make on the site
    • Upload a profile picture, that will be displayed with all of your posts. 
    • Enable private messaging for your account.  
    • Confirm all your Face-to-Face contact settings.  

Additional Help with Registration


  • If you cannot get logged in, click here to use our Contact Form - state the message that you recieved - notifies administrators that your email was not received or that you cannot get logged in.  A new password will be assigned and sent or a response with a solution.

Forum Participation Rules:

We have established certain rules, as we have members of all ages & a wide variety of diverse backgrounds visiting our Forums from all over the world, most of whom are in need of support and help with gaming addiction. Our rules are based on being considerate of others' opinions as well as the use of good judgment when posting your comments.

If you wish to participate in our forums, we ask that you follow our rules, which are based on mutual respect for others and their efforts to overcome their own addictions or those of their families.

•    Debating: our mission is one of support and education. We do not debate the existence of gaming addiction here or debate different methods of recovery. We will not permit debating on these or other topics.
•    Interpersonal issues:  Please address interpersonal issues respectfully and in "private message", to avoid drama and controversy. Personal insults, harassment, or revealing personal information about members will not be tolerated.  
•    Giving advice: we are here to share our experience, strength and hope. Please avoid giving unsolicited advice.
•    Moderation: We believe that moderation is possible for many people, but most of our members have tried and failed. If you wish to advocate moderation, please do it elsewhere.
•    Advertising or commercial posting: is not permitted. This includes soliciting of funds for any group or organization.
•    Gaming Content: please avoid posting gaming content and references, except to make a point. If it cannot be avoided, we request you use a title, such as: "Trigger warning: This post contains gaming specifics."  Promotion of games or related material is not permitted.
•    Offensive Content: Posters are prohibited from posting or linking content containing slurs against any group or groups. Sexual, profane, drug related, and libellous content will not be tolerated. Bypassing the Censor is prohibited.
•    Plagiarism: We do not tolerate plagiarism. It is the responsibility members to ensure proper credit is given to copyright material.
•    Hacking: is defined as unauthorized access to parts of this website reserved for administrators and webmasters is a criminal offense and may result in charges brought against the offender.
•    One account per member: having multiple accounts is prohibited. Members wishing to change their user name may request this from administrators.

Blog etiquette:

  • No personal criticism of the blogger in the comments.  (Concerns & issues can be sent to them via Private Message in a respectful way.)
  • If the blogger has invited discussion, then comments can offer differing viewpoints.  But no arguing, attacking, criticizing, or belittling.  Presentation  should be "This is my viewpoint in this discussion...", and NOT "Your opinion seems wrong to me and my correct opinion is..."
  • If the blogger has NOT invited discussion, then comments should be limited to support, encouragement, and sharing of similar experience.  Someone with a differing viewpoint to express should do so in their own blog.

If you see these rules being violated please use the "Flag this post as offensive" link on the bottom, right side of the post.

Questions about rules must be submitted to administrators or moderators by private message only, and not in public forums.

Rule violations will be subject to removal of posts, warnings, temporary or permanent banning.

Disclosure:  To assure the safety of our members and fellowship, chat logs and private messages may occasionally be monitored by administrators. If you do not agree with this, do not send private messages on this website.