Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

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Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

The story at[/url] (WARNING: This site is a pro-graming one but I could not find any non-game site that has this) talks about how after repeated attempts by a father to get his teenaged son to stop playing a video game, he unplugged the power cable. The son then almost kills his father by strangling him but the wife fortunately was able to stop her son. This shows how intense, whether or not they are addicted, some people can get while playing.

Also, I have read several posts where parents talk about aggressive actions from their children when the parents try to reduce or cut off their video game time. Although they will rarely be as aggressive as this boy was, various negative reactions are unfortunately something that parents have to be aware of and deal with.

- John O.

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Re: Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

Sadly, this doesn't come as a big surprise. I believe we'll be seeing more and more stories like this as time goes on. It's like taking drugs or alcohol away from an addict. Somehow, we never imagined that we'd get rage in response to removal, but we did. I fear for spouses and children, as well.

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Re: Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

In the book I reviewed here recently(, there was a story about a boy who attacked his mother with an AXE because she unplugged his game.

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Re: Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

The violence that is exhibited by the teens when they are deprived seems to be a common experience. Moreover, we have seen here the fear that parents feel about acting because of the potential aggression they feel their kids might engage in. The fear can immobilize some of us. I sure am glad that I did not let it immobilize me. I still bear the scars of the incident last winter. Also some parents may fear their children harming themselves and that also keeps them from acting.

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Re: Game Crime: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

This behaviour is something I cannot imagine actually happening, but i see it does. :(

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