OMG! with Peaches needs YOU!

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OMG! with Peaches needs YOU!

Do you need help with an addiction to gaming?
An exciting new show hosted by Peaches Geldof coming soon to ITV2 in the UK - wants to hear from YOU!

OMG! Totally Peaches is a brand new take on a problem show.

With professional advice from experts we will aim to help find a resolution to your problems. The show will revolve around the confessions, compulsions, problems and obsessions of you, the ITV2 viewer.

WeaEU(tm)d love to hear from you.

If you have a problem and youaEU(tm)d like some help and advice please email or go to our Facebook page for more information

We look forward to hearing from you.


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There are always a few

There are always a few people out there who wouldn't mind entering the public eye for its own sake.

While I doubt you'll lure few people here out of the shadows where they quietly recover in anonymity, some may come. Faking gaming addiction is easy though, so beware of attention hounds.

Edit: To those who are interested, the OP's IP checks out, this looks real.

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a professional wanting to

a professional wanting to make a show with addicts...

do you know that there is 0% probability of these guys (i talk for myself) doing anything you want, or even the same thing for 3 days in a row?

well, good luck making money, i guess that is what profession is for.

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That woman scares me

That woman scares me crap-less.