Usefulness tweaks for Screening tool for Excessive Gamers

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Usefulness tweaks for Screening tool for Excessive Gamers

I have a suggestion for the screening tool form.

It could be a more useful instrument if the bullets are changed into little boxes for check marks, rather than dots. A checklist format would more readiily invite responses and give visual feedback about one's answers to the questions.

Also, if you leave a line of space, prefereably with an actual line, this can be a place to make a note to oneself, to elaborate one's answers. Also, a space gives pause between questions, so one can slow down and more mindfully think about the questions and answer.

A second version of the same checklist could also be crated with two or three columns of check boxes, to note if the person taking the screen think the item is true, and for a second person.

The second and thrid columns could be to note if other's in their life think this is true, and if the person taking the screen thinks this is true for other people s/he is in relationship with (IRL or IG).

I do not know enough about 12 step programs to know whether it is more likely for a OLGA to respond to a questionaire with only one check box, for themself, or with boxes for/about others. I'm interested to learn more about this, so that the questionaire itself can be a powerful of a tool as possible.

Thank you!


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Hi, LIG.  Just got around

Hi, LIG. Just got around to reading this and they are good suggestions. I don't think OLGA runs on software capable of what you are suggesting, however. What you could do is copy and paste from the list into a comment box and answer the questions at that time.

I don't know if you are a gamer or an anon, and would like to hear more about you. Thanks!

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