Updated Meetings List??

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Updated Meetings List??

I'm brand new to the site and attempted to attend the Saturday 3PM EST online meeting.  Either I was in the wrong place or no one showed up.  Can someone please tell me if the meeting information is updated?  Thank you very much!

My head is still spinning!

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Welcome Falula, glad you

Welcome Falula, glad you found us.  Sorry there's a list of meetings that aren't happening.  I'm glad you didn't give up on finding a meeting and asked this question.  The list of meetings that are happening and have people in them is here:


There are meetings every day at 12:30pm and 9pm CDT.  See you there!

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Updated Meetings List??

Thank you!

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Hi! I find that there are

Hi! I find that there are almost always people showing up at the meetings on cgaa

Never alone, go to meetings <3 Mumble voice meetings on cgaa are great, see you there <3


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A question about the meetings

A question about the meetings... is it possible to just participate and listen the first time?

Disclaimer: I'm an addict.

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Yes that is fine just to

Yes that is fine just to listen in.


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