Can't stop playing Sims 4 because of all the money that was spent on it

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Can't stop playing Sims 4 because of all the money that was spent on it

I've posted here a few months back, regarding my Sims 4 addiction. I managed to stay away from the game so I thought everything was good. I got back into it when a new pack was released at the end of May and it's been all downhill from here. Since I play just.... well, too much the normal way usually gets very very boring, so I'd start installing mods or creating objects. Usually this doesn't work out the way I want it and I get so angry and waste so much time trying to figure out how to make it work. That's what I did all day once again and once it's all said and done, I feel so bad about having wasted all of that time on something that just aggravated me because nothing in this game ever works how I want it to anyway.

So once again today I said to myself, I don't want to play this annoying, time stealing, frustrating game anymore. But then I feel like I have to because so much money was spend on it, I should be playing it especially since some of the content was a gift. I know, I'm not exactly making sense. I grew up quite poor and I normally don't pay full price for anything and don't buy things I feel I wouldn't use enough.

I can't say quitting facebook games and apps was just super easy to me, but it helped a lot that there was no money whatsoever spent on those.  I feel like reselling would help me move forward, but the content is tied to my origin account. It can't be sold or even given away I do have one friend who I think is also addicted to Sims 4. When her laptop was being repaired her main complaint was that she couldn't play Sims 4 and after two days she installed it on her husbands computer.

I can't talk to anyone in real life. My mother just implied that unlike me she has "real" problems and I'm throwing a fit about a game like a child. This game isn't even FUN. It used to be once upon a time but now it's a buggy mess where nothing works how I want it to and even if it does, it's never actually nearly as fun as I thought it would be.

I just needed a place to vent, I guess. This game, right now, feels like the worst thing that has happened to me in a very very long time and I wish I could turn back time and never waste my money and time on it.


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Thanks for sharing. That game

Thanks for sharing. That game is robbing your life, not just your money. Your life is more important. Hugs x


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Sounds familiar, in

Sounds familiar, in particular the part where you say that it is not even fun anymore. That happens to me too. Still I am drawn to continue, and look for ways to make it fun again.

In my gaming no money is involved. Nothing. But it sounds very similar to your situation. I could be wrong, but it just sounds like your mind is using the money argument as an excuse. Like you say also: it does not make sense.

I have another "does not make sense" reason that pulls me back to my game sometimes: I want to program and create a better version of my game. So I am allowed to study my game.
But it is nonsense. Every time I try to "play" my game in that way ends up in playing for real, until late, and obsessively again. It never worked to keep it as only a study-object for my own game building activities.
And why would I want to spend my time programing a game anyway. Does not make sense.

Hope that this helps a little bit.

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All the money in the world

All the money in the world won't bring the time back you spend on the game. It is your opportunity to make it a part of your history, not your present or future. 

I am a month into my game free life and after an initial few days of hell followed by a couple of weeks of unbearable emptiness I am now starting to feel connected and positive. Your future is unwritten. With belief and determination you can make your future one you are proud of and happy with. Trust yourself and make yourself go through the pain. It is worth it beyond your ability to understand right now. It's like realising you can sleep in a bed after sleeping standing up for 10 years. It takes a while to adjust but when you do the benefits are unimaginable.

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