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Day 1; take 2

Ok obviously this thread is not going to be good to me yet. I already fell off the wagon. I signed on yesterday afternoon and last night after work. I saw something going on with a friend and had or should say felt the need to message her about her recent break up and then send a message to my IMVU brother to wish him a Happy Birthday. Neither of which I got a reply to. ok..I can accept that...happens from time to time but I do tend to be offended if I don't get a reply. I have not signed on to the client today. So again...starting over.. Day 1.

IMVU; my vice, my addiction.

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Day 0

After weeks and weeks of addictive behaviors and distractions I am deciding to trying to quit again. For me it's not so much playing videogames as it is watching streams, going on distracting websites and checking my stock portfolio compulsively. But the pull is the same for all of us I reckon.

I've tried a lot of methods before but no single method has worked for me more than a short while. So instead of trying by myself, I am hoping that by posting here among you and by getting involved in the community I can become strong than just going at it by myself.

I realize the path to a normal life will require finding new things to do. So I will try to focus on my school work and my actual work. I will try to be mindful of my state of mind, to breathe deeply, to remind myself of my commitment to the community and to myself. I wanna try to just play piano for a while, tidy up the house, maybe go for a bike ride. 

Today is day zero because I was watching game streams and checking stocks just before joining this forum. I will be posting again soon. 

Thanks for reading :).


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Hi guys.  On the wagon here

Hi guys.  On the wagon here too for 42 days now.  The pull to log back in and see old friends who i only see online was strong.  But I check in with a friend every week about staying strong and not giving up.  She is helping me with something else and knows about addiction and gets me, even though she never gamed at all.  Talking about it helps me.  So I came back here to say I'm still fighting the good fight.  Stay strong.

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15 Months Free!

Hi All,

Former Second Life addict here.  I've been 15 months free!  It was not easy at all but my stubborness and determination kept me going.

What helped me at first was actually deleting the game from my PC and promising myself to never reinstall.  I kept that promise :-)

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