Am i actually addicted?

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Am i actually addicted?

I think this is one of the questions that a lot of us gamers once asked ourself sometime in our gaming experiences. 


I once attempted to come here back when i was 18 years old, playing video games for money and trying to reach the top of the leaderboards in every single online addictive game that I could set my hands on. Here I am now at 24 years old, haven't achieved anything that I have wanted thus far in my life. I have quit university twice only reaching the second year into my degree, is this because of gaming? is this because I have completion issues? One of the questions I now ask myself everyday is... What if i just didn't play video games in this period of my life and put my all into things that would truly help my future?

At this age I now only get a buzz when climbing the ranks in games such as League of legends and Fortnite, playing any single player game I get instant boredom. Not progressing up these ranks results in anger, frustration, long nights grinding which ends up punishing me the next day where I would rock up to work late by half an hour because I was too tired/depressed to get out of bed I've been in relationships where they are trying to spend more time with me but instead of sitting on the couch watching a TV show or movie with them I go put myself infront of the computer and end up playing until sleep. I have also talked to 2 psychologists about this issue, none of them having anywhere near enough experience with this problem always telling me just to play less... we all know how well that works. Either that or they put it onto another issue like problems completing achievements instead of concentrating on the fact that I asked for help on a bigger issue. 

I sit here typing this not really knowing what the next day will bring, I put a smile on my face and everyone thinks I am ok. I am never on time, the days get harder and harder the longer I go through the semester of University knowing I'm setting myself further and further behind stressing myself out more everyday. The thing i'm worried about the most is that one day i'm going to wake up, look at my achievements, look at my friends, see how much time i've truley wasted and give up on life. 

I think it's time to quit, i think about quitting every single day and I just can't get myself to do it. I want this more than anything In my life. I hope that everyone here achieves everything they want in life.


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Welcome back Mappoh

Welcome back Mappoh

It sounds like gaming is holding you back from real life goals

It is dawning on you that unless you change something, you are unlikely to progress in a way you would feel proud of.

It sounds like addiction. Only you are in a position to admit this or not.

Sounds like you need to find either a therapist who can help you and knows about gaming addiction ( perhaps enquire at reSTART if they know anyone near you ) or get into a fellowship of support from other gaming addicts ...see the online meetings link below.

It is widely reported that while people are gaming, everything else is boring. Once you stop abusing your brain through gaming addiction it will be able to start to heal and one day you will feel 'normal' again and find RL is so much better than games. In between times, things may be hard for you. So get some support !

I really hope you will be able to break away to the life you had imagined


Parent's online meeting THURSDAY 9pmEST/EDT click here

Online meetings gaming addicts click here

Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

Help for video game addicts click here

Please help! Donate here

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welcome back

Hi Ben, welcome back.  You ask, Am I actually addicted?  I've been getting to know many people who were not able to come to complete clarity on this question until staying off games for a while and putting some work into getting honest with themselves.  One of the key components of addiction is denial, so many gaming addicts are unable to fully admit and accept their condition until they get some distance from games and the fog begins to lift.

I've seen several good self tests for video game addiction.  You could find them online and see what you think.

I think there are three good questions to consider and if you answer them, you won't really need the answer to Am I actually addicted?

1. Are there major problems in my life connected to my gaming behavior?  If yes, continue.

2. Have my attempts at moderation and control always failed within a short time?  If yes, continue.

3. Have I tried to stop on my own and found myself compulsively gaming again before too long?  If yes, continue.

Someone who answers yes to all three has serious trouble.  They have major life problems caused by behavior they can't stop or control.  This was me.  Not only did I have major problems, but gradually year by year they kept getting worse.  It didn't matter whether or not I thought the label "addiction" applied to me.  I needed to stop gaming and I needed help staying stopped.

If you answered yes to all three questions, then I suggest trying out what worked for me.  I accepted I needed to stop and needed help.  I went to many voice meetings of other people who had stopped gaming and I tried out the things that had worked for them.

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