I based my emotions on pixels

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I based my emotions on pixels

I unistalled steam today, this is the 10th time. I always play games, and play them for hours. I can't sit down for an hour and then get up and do something else, I have to play until my eyes dry up like the water in the sahara desert. When I have those gaming binges; like the binges that last 12 hours, i sometimes wont eat until like 3am. Its super unhealthy and my body wasn't designed for that. lucky, I havent had those gaming sessions in a couple months now, thank god, but i always have the urge to go back on and play steam games. 


Thats not all, I would get mad over video games too, I would yell at my teammates in game. I would get mad over virtual pixels. I realized how stupid it all is. I don't want to continue anymore it's a waste of life and I should be building my future. I am addicted to video games and I want nothing to do with it anymore.   

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Thanks for sharing. It sounds

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have had enough this time. All the best to you . Keep going !


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Welcome, you're not alone.  Getting angry at other people in the games and gaming til 3am and neglecting health & hygiene and bingeing are all things I don't miss.

Congrats on your new path in life.  You don't have to go it alone.  I highly recommend listening in on the daily voice meetings on Mumble and connecting to other people on this path.  I've found that together we can do what we cannot do alone.


Please write again.  I hope you hang in there through day one.  Feel free to ask any questions.

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Sounds familiar. CS:GO binges

Sounds familiar.

Disclaimer: I'm an addict.

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I also struggled with binging

I also struggled with binging over and over again on free games, every weekend.  

You may feel like it is an endless cycle, but it is not.  Keep seeking accountability and you can break free from it.  You are in the right place.  

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