Am I addicted to gaming?

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Am I addicted to gaming?

Hello my name is Michael and I'm 27 years old, I'm wondering if I'm addicted to video games. I'm at a point where I don't enjoy video games anymore but I still play them and can't stop, it's been like this since 2015. It has negatively affected my finances, I have spent $600 on games when that $600 should of been towards savings and student loans. I would buy games not enjoy that game and keep buying them and not enjoying them, I have bought 20 games and didn't enjoy a single one but kept buying them thinking I will enjoy the next one. I also get irresistible urges to play game I don't like, I feel obligated to play it seems. I have also bought Xbox Live and refunded it over 35 times the last few years.

I look up gaming videos when not playing, I do that 4-6 hours per day even if I'm not interested in gaming. I sweared off online multiplayer games saying I won't play no matter what for 90 days and I broke that rule on the 18th day watching so many gaming videos this week and playing lots of multiplayer games, I felt so bad about it. I just spent my mom's money which should of been towards food and student loans on a $65 game, I couldn't resist it. I felt so guilty and hated myself. I have been in denial for years I just can't accept I have addiction. Lastly 10 years ago when my xbox died and the red ring of death I got very depressed and call my friend how I was thinking of suicide because my Xbox died. Thank you everyone for reading and hope you can help me determine if this is an addiction or not, I'm getting really desperate right now. 

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Welcome Michael, glad you're here.  I suggest trying out this self test:

If you find yourself answering yes to many of these questions, then I highly recommend going to some voice meetings.  When I listened to people's stories, it helped open my eyes.  I realized I had a lot in common with people calling themselves gaming addicts.  You could also search for stories on youtube:

You're not alone in this.  I could relate so much to what you wrote.  I'm glad I'm not there anymore and sure that you can break free of it if you try out what seems to work really well for others.

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Welcome Michael

Welcome Michael

You are not alone. Glad you are here.


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