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Video Game Addict

Hi everyone, 

I’m new around here and just recently joined. I did some searching and discovered that I have an addiction to video games. Not that big a surprise since this is what the website is about, people to stop the addiction, (I apologize if I sound like an asshole or something, I’m sincerely not trying to). Anyhow, I don’t know what to do. I am aware of the problem and choose not to do anything about it.

I know that I fit all of the signs for addiction, my problem is actually trying to find a balance between playing for fun and knowing when it has become a problem. I would really like some help or advice to begin my path to recovery, but still being able to play video games as a form of entertainment. 



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Welcome Nathan

Welcome Nathan

It sounds like you would like to be able to "moderate" your gaming

I have heard this called the 'holy grail' of the gamer; to be in control and able to play for short time and have a balance life.

If it really is addiction then you will not be able to control it, by definition. It sounds like that is something you want and need to find out. If after trying and failing you may eventually come to be desperate enough to want to stop because you are losing what is really important in your life.

This website does not give moderation tips. We have testamonials that gamers have tried and failed multiple times and eventually accept that the games have got to go, abstinance is the only way if they want to have a better life that does not become unmanageable and mean they loss a bunch of stuff like relationships, jobs, health etc.

You may find moderation tips elsewhere; but you may be one of the 'unlucky' ones who will never be able to moderate.

By losing the games and detoxing your mind and allowing it to heal from dopamine overload you may just find a more meaningful life.

All the best and thanks for sharing. Keep coming back !


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Hi Nathan,

I hope you're able to balance your life and moderate your gaming.  I don't have any tips on how to do that because I tried every possible method I could think of and failed with all of them.

If you find yourself in the same boat as me, there is another option.  Many people like us who absolutely loved gaming have stopped it completely and turned their lives around for the better.  If you find moderation unworkable, we're here for you.

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