Need some help.

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Need some help.

I've been addicted for quite a few years now I'm 33 and used to play games since a kid.

I stopped for a few years over uni and had a good social life then.

A few years after uni i got back into games and for a few years it was online poker and gambling not gaming. Managed to stop gambling and got back into games.

Been a serious game addict again for a few years now.

Tried CBT again last month or whenever for 6 weeks.

Started to do Pilates, gym classes and want to start guitar again. Trying to do meditation and cooking also but think I still need more activities.

On top of all this i have a more serious mental health problem underlying that I've been diagnosed with both schizophrenia and anxiety and also had a diagnosis of mild dyspraxia as a child. Take medication but sometimes do forget it accidentally.

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Welcome, glad you found us here.  I recommend the daily voice meetings:

They're at 12:30am and 9am daily in Bangkok time.

The best thing to do is to abstain from games with the support and encouragement of others doing the same.  If you're not sure about stopping completely, just try it for a while, let the fog lift, see how you feel then.

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Hi kaka and welcome.

Hi kaka and welcome.

Gaming addiction can make mental health disorders worse or create new ones; this has been reproted on the forum by the experiences of other addicts..

I hope you can find a way to quit games for good. i hope you can find the support you need and find a better way. all the best.


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