12+ Years in Second Life

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12+ Years in Second Life

I hope someone is listining, everything I have found about Second Life addiction is so old, like 2008 old, that I'm not sure it's on anyones radar any longer. I think the symptoms are universal though. I've been in SL for a very, very long time. It's still around, and it's still active. I decided I want to quit, but a very large part of me still wants to be there, even right now, typing about it. I want to go back there. It may be hard for some to imagine, but the sex there, or SLex as some call it, is devisatingly addictive. What started out as a fetish has devolved into places I never thought I would find myself, all in chasing more and more extreme SLex acts. Ive read what SL has done to other people and considering I've been there for 12 years and my life hasnt completely fallen apart it's a minor miracle, but I know it's time for me to quit. I can hear myself trying to raltionalize staying, trying to convince myself that I can keep it to only the weekends or only an hour a night, but I know that's just the addiction. I have long standing relatioships in SL, I have creative connections to the platform through Flicker (now deleted), but everything is based off of a fetish lifestyle that is just not working for me any longer, despite me still strongly desiring to have it. I have a family, a wife that I very much love, and I find myself uninterested in RL sex with her because it's not depraved enough. I'm literally only a day out of it, and I'm looking for support. I dont know if I'll be successful in staying away. I've taken breaks before, some of them longer than others, but I always go back. I don't know when it feels different and when you know this time is the real time, like quitting smoking, I'm not sure if ill ever have this monkey off my back. 

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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your experience of second life. You are not alone. We regularly get people here who are giving up SL.

Don't give up hope. Recovery is possible. It sounds like you are coming to your senses about what is most important for you.

I recommend you check out the online meetings for addicts; check the link in my signature below.

The withdrawals you are experiencing are normal and to be expected. The intensity usually decreases over time. You may find it helpful to follow the other link for addicts in my signature below that gives some generic help and advice for addicts about giving up the games.

You can find a way to recover, even if you have a relapse it's not the end, just keep trying and get some good support.


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Spouses/SO's of addicts click here

Parents of addicts click here for advice

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