In app purchase gaming addiction for spouse

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In app purchase gaming addiction for spouse

New here - but not new to the gaming addiction. I found out in March that he had spent thousands on in game app purchases. I honestly couldn’t tell you the name of the game except I know it’s a team building attack game. I only found out because I happened to pull a credit report and our Lowe’s bill had thousands on it. We never carried a balance. I called and they sent me a statement. I then figured out I could pull our grocery store rewards card and saw hundreds of dollars in iTunes gift card purchases. It was all for a multiplayer game which after denials he admitted to doing it. He quit “gaming”

Last weekend when I was on a girls trip I noticed these crazy random purchases at the gas station but nothing attached to our loyalty card. How many times can you actually get gas ? I sleauthed and figured out he used his cell number to open up a new loyalty card and there I saw iTunes purchases again. He was supposed to be watching our kids while I was out of town. The one thing I am frustrated about is it’s hard to find mentions of iPhone gaming in addictions but it’s very much a real thing. I read all the toolkits I have put the boundaries in to play but he lied despite my receipts showing what we did. Then he said I trap him and it’s my fault. I know that’s addict talk but try finding family members who even know what “iTunes gift cards for multiplayer gaming addiction” even means. 

Does anyone else deal with this? 


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Welcome Vanessad123

Welcome Vanessad123

I have heard of itunes cards gifts cards of being a method to fund gaming purchases on the sly and also as a way to send funds to others for whatever purpose (eg as a gift). It's possible the lying is part of his gaming addiction and being in denial. ALSo a gift card could be used for anything, not just gaming.

He will be feeling very uncomfortable with you unveiling his secret.

It's important that you get support for  you. maybe print out some of the posts on this website for your family to read .Also there is a thread on seeking support for you here:

i hope this website can help you get a better perspective of what you can do.


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