So lonely.

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So lonely.

Another night. Alone. Fed my one year old daughter. Took the dog for a walk and then sat at my coffee table and ate dinner by myself. 

My husband sitting obscured in empty cups, bottles, and wires sitting all around him at the kitchen table he commandeered for his computer set up. Screaming and cursing obscenity’s at his screen, his noice cancelling headphones making it hard for him to know how loud he is talking or screaming when he gets mad  

I cant remember the last time we sat together and ate a meal. I can’t remember the last time he held our daughter. The last time he actually came to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch with the Xbox remote still in hand.  There is nothing more important in his life than his computer and I am counting down the day until I can get myself and my daughter out of this heavily toxic environment. 

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Hi Mandy

Hi Mandy

I am so sorry to hear of your loneliness and how you want to get out of that unhealthy environment. I hope this site can help you and you will get a good plan together to change your life.


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Hi Mandy
Just checking in on you. Your in my thoughts and prayers. I am pretty new to this site as well and found so many helpful posts. Just knowing I am not alone is helpful!
I hope you find your way. Al anon has been helpful for me.
All the Best


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