Husband lies

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Husband lies

Found out several months ago my husband has been chatting with women threw lords game, the conversations went from being about game, to sexual, telling them he loved them? I confronted him and he's now no longer on any games, but I'm having difficulty understanding why? Don't know if I can forgive


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Welcome Lyns !

Welcome Lyns !

These games are very addictive and the social aspect is part of all that. It creates a dopamine rush which is very appealing to some people; like drugs it can get people hooked. Also there may be a sense of things that would not have been acceptable prior to gaming slowly becoming not so bad and then 'normalised' in their eyes. A bit like the frog that sits in water that is warmed very gradually until it is dangerously hot without feelin anything. The addict can seek reasons why it is ok to do that they can live with themselves and have fun.

Your reactions are perfectly normal and justified.

There is a thread about understanding addiction linked from the spouses/SO's information in my signature below.


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Lyns, I am exactly where you

Lyns, I am exactly where you are.  My wife was disappearing for long stretches at a time and I confronted her. She has been talking romantically to some guy on her game. She denied it, got angry, then blamed me for controlling her. She has said some very painful things to me and I have been blaming myself and walking on eggshells until now.  I'm finally starting to understand that this is not uncommon, not that it helps my situation. I'm trying to hold it together for myself and our teenage daughter. Heaven help us all.

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