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gaming addict

hi, I play games on my mobile phone anywhere from 8-19 hours a day everyday, its only a few games I play for this amount of time, im easily addicted to games and being sucked in. over the past 5 years I have spend 1000s of pounds into a the few games I play for most of the day, im not as bad with the spending now its only 10-15 pound here and there now, I rarely eat and don't sleep very much and I'm always playing. when I come of the game im fine for a little while but after that im anxious to get back on the game again, it really bothers me. It has come to the point where my friends and family have forced me to do something about it, I have set a limit for 3 hours a day for gaming now. which i am sticking to at the moment it is early days. I cant sleep at night even though I leave my phone downstairs at night. can anyone offer some advice or tips on where to go from here please, as I do really miss gaming like I used to. any help would be a great help. many thanks.


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Welcome Kyle, glad you found us here.

I tried setting limits on my gaming, like a 2-hour per day limit. It didn't work. Neither did 3-hours per day, nor only weekends, nor only offline games, nor only on weekends. No matter what limits I tried, I couldn't stick with them long term. I was obsessive and compulsive with gaming. Whenever I was good about sticking to limits, I felt compelled to reward myself with a lot of bingeing.

I've met a lot of other former compulsive gamers, and none of them have been able to stick to limits. So our choice has been either continued out of control gaming with all its problems, losses, and pain, or abstinence. I'm choosing to abstain, to not game just for today, and I meet up regularly with other people doing the same and supporting each other in turning our lives around.

If you want to join us, there are voice meetings you can listen in on any time. We've been there. We all have stories like yours and won't judge you about any of it.

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Welcome Kyle

Welcome Kyle

You need to find some healthy activities to replace the time you spent gaming.

There is a thread about that on the forum


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